5 Things I Did to Get a FLAT BELLY in 30 DAYS (no crunches)




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5 Things I Did to Get a FLAT BELLY in 30 DAYS (no crunches)

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5 things I did to get a flat belly in 30 days.

Calorie counting video:

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  1. Nicole Collet

    If you want to actually enjoy your food on this journey get my New Guilt Free Cookbook today! gum.co/guiltfree

  2. hipretty

    I'm dying over here …Nicole on the bike. 😂🤣😂 OMG! 💗🙏🌺

  3. Joy Neville

    Good tip on lower the fiber intake ,
    it does bloat me too! You look so lean and toned Girl! 🔥👏👍Y'all are killing it👌! Keep on keepin on. Love y'all👌❤🔥💥

  4. Jeannie Bennett

    I have a dumb question. Calorie deficit is the way to go, correct. I set myself up for 1600 calories per day and I exercise and burn 350-400 per day. If I have calories left over, should I eat more up to the 1600 limit? Im rather hungry now and Im munching on carrots. Also, Im really struggling giving up wine. Can I have a glass per day if I burn a little extra?

  5. Kevin Sutherlin

    May God bless Canada from the United States.

  6. Electric Barbarella

    You guys did a week of keto with meal planning and a grocery haul, and that was very interesting. Would you consider doing the same for a plant based diet? Bonus points for coming up with a super easy and delicious plant based cheese sauce for veggies. 🙈

  7. kalyco C

    I’m so glad to hear you advocate for regular bread and less veggies. I have such a hard time digesting fiber and a lot of veggies are just not good for my system! I’m also not a huge fan of meat, so it gets hard to figure out what to eat! Also, how do you determine how much water to drink? I’ve been trying to do a gallon a day, but feel like it may be too much. How do I know what’s enough to stay hydrated?

  8. Maria Keefe

    You said that you did cardio 6 days a week, what about weight training did you include that as well? 2-3 days a week?

  9. blue Vortex

    I cannot say you enough for creating this channel 🙏 .

  10. Joy Dunbar

    Awesome girl 👧 and Sassy pants 👖

  11. Barb S

    Hi Nicole, So you are not doing non-fat cottage cheese and yogurt? I started WW and only get 18 points a day. That is not much. I had previously eaten low-fat yogurt but it has 2 points. Plain no fat is 0 points. Just wondering. Thanks. 💕💕

  12. Melissa Baker

    I enjoy all your videos !!! Thank you …

  13. Lindsey Hatchett

    The beginnings of your videos are always so weird… and I love it 😅😂😂😂


    @ me all you want..whole wheat bread tastes better than white.. its lower cal at my local too..

  15. Victorious Vikki

    Since it’s all about Kyle on this Vday. Happy Valentine’s Day Kyle to the cutest couple in Canada! 😍😍

  16. Brenda Sammon

    Good tips have a wonderful Valentin Day🥑🤗

  17. Linda Terzich

    You have changed your diet sooo much! Low veggies, low whole grains, adding full fat cheese/butter/bacon/whole eggs> How about that! Looking good! Has your grocery bill gone down from this new way? Thank you.

  18. Wil O.

    Your energy is out of this world.😹🤸🏋️🏃

  19. Jamie Pultrum

    Wow!!!! Look at you! You look great but you also looked great before!!! Yo go girl!

  20. DebraGee42

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nicole and Kyle! ❤️🌹❤️🌹

  21. allyouneedis GODandJESUS

    Awesome video..implementing all of it except tossing the hoodie on the floor 😋 I'll have to wait till I get my flat belly to do it 😁

  22. Brenda Edwards

    Hi Nicole, love your videos! I have a hard time understanding carbs. What tips or input can you give us to help us in the world of bad carbs, good carbs, eat NO carbs! My doc told me to lose 30 pounds before my next visit which is 6 months from now. How to do you calulate the ratio for your for protein, fat & carb?? I am trying Fitness Pal, is that good or not so good! Be Blessed & Thanks for your inspiration.

  23. Meredith Malloy

    hi Nicole and Kyle thank you so much for the advice for the flatter stomachs. I will try the less fiber idea. I hope you are having a good day and I look forward to your next videos : )

  24. Patricia Broderick

    I didn't realize you prepped ground meat and kept it in the fridge! What a great idea.

  25. Markiyah

    Happy Valentine's day Nicole. Nice video💙

  26. Tree yellow

    Love your videos!!! Clarify, you lose 2pds a week at 1800 calories? Wow

  27. andy gar

    I eat greek yogurt with slices of mango or strawberries for breakfast. protein shake by 11 and eat tilapia with salad for lunch , at night a bowl of grapes. fat melts away.

  28. Jennifer Forderer

    How about some snack ideas?? Or healthy treat options??

  29. Jennifer Forderer

    Happy Valentine's day 😘 💗💌 can you recommend a protein powder in Canada 🇨🇦 i live up north Collingwood Ontario

  30. Kristine Deman

    So important to connect and listen to your body.

  31. Cin Ma

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  32. Sandy Carrie

    Right there with you on all that. I’m still eating fat free versions like fat free yogurt, cheese, etc. I guess my body can handle that now because I have a lot of weight to lose. Like I’ve said in a comment on another one of your vids, 5 lbs a month is my best rate of weight loss. I look forward to what I do finally and am enjoying the process.

  33. Cathy L.......

    Happy. Valentine’s Day thx for sharing your tips

  34. Yellowsubmarine1

    Hey you two, Happy Valentine's Day💖💋💋

  35. Laurie B

    Love ❤️ your videos! Happy Valentine’s Day !